Puppy Talk

Puppy Talk 1.0.1

Cute puppy who repeats everything you say


  • Very easy to use - just speak!
  • Funny voice
  • Cute puppy image


  • Voice not customizable
  • Doesn't do anything other than repeat what you say

Not bad

Puppy Talk stars a cute little dog who repeats everything you say in a high-pitched voice.

Puppy Talk is the Symbian equivalent of popular talking animal iOS apps such as Talking Tom Cat or Talking Ben the Dog. Using it is as simple as loading the app and speaking. The little labrador will then repeat exactly what you said in a squeaky voice, his lips moving as he does so.

That's about all there is to Puppy Talk, and in this sense it's not as advanced as other talking animal apps. There are no options for changing the voice, and you can't interact with the puppy by tapping the screen in certain places, which you can with other applications of this ilk.

Nevertheless, Puppy Talk is still fun enough to cause plenty of amusement for you and your friends.

Puppy Talk


Puppy Talk 1.0.1

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